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It's Our Time Now!

Posted Friday, May 09, 2008 by Michael Haight
It?s our Time Now!

After some extremely tough losses along the way, our girls have shown the heart and pride of a champion and more importantly a Falcon. The pride in this program is unmatched anyway I?ve ever been and I?m personally so grateful to be a part of it. After a early season loss to Bullis, a lot of people questioned why I?m playing so many people and I never play more than 14-15 girls a game if that. I hope know you see how things have come to fruition. We have 24 game savvy experienced players. Who would have said going into our Semi-Final game with O?Connell that Freshmen Kelly Lechner and Brigid Smith and Junior Jackie VanWagner would each have 3 goals? That sophomore Kelsey Conway would have 5 assists? That our defense led by Sophomore?s and Junior Monica Baumgartner would yield only 34 goals in 9 league games to date. That our goalie?s Elaina Ponchione and Christina Sheridan could coexist and both flourish under split time? With consummate play from our Senior field players Mary Swarthout, Kristen Oakey, and Whitney Eagleson the Falcons look poised for another ship in ?08. What is really awesome has been the late season surge of Oakey and her awesome play in the playoffs and the final few regular season games. Keep it up, girl!
What is it all about for GC this year? TEAM=What does that mean to me? T=Together E=Equates A=Awesome M=Moments We are the most together team we?ve had at GC. We have handled the adversity of tough losses to SSSA and McDonough but showed our will and might against powerhouse Archbishop Carroll, PA and Springfield. We showed our resolve against Severn. This season we have scored 219 goals and have assisted on 127 of them for 58% of the time one player is making another look better. TEAM. This year we have started 8 different girls on defense and they all get the job done. They are all ready to play and will be a strong point of this team for year?s to come. TEAM. My buddy Adam Norton, the current Co Head Coach of Stanford talked with me briefly last week about recruiting and such and I asked him how to stay fresh and keep the players hungry. He keeps the practice fun and has all the games competitive because the girls love to compete. That is when we installed World Cup and other games. In addition, he has the starters compete against the nonstarters everyday, a practice that I hope to instill next year. To keep the girls hungry if a starter is outworked in practice the nonstarter becomes a starter. TEAM. Together-Equates-Awesome-Moments.
This group of girls have lifted, run, and worked on stick skills all year long. In addition, over 80% of our team plays other sports. I think that is awesome! It will never be time to specialize. It also builds lasting relationships with others. TEAM. Now it?s your time girls. This is now your team, everyone is completely invested. Parents and Fans are invested. Take it to ?em Monday. It?s Our Time, Now!

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