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GC Lax Update

Posted Monday, February 02, 2009 by Michael Haight

We are having our parent/player information meeting on February 17th, 2009 at 7:00 PM in the Dining Hall at Good Counsel.  The meeting should last around an 1 hour...I hope to see you all there.

BWI league ends this past weekend and I would like to thank several people for their help and dedication.
Rick Baumgartner even though Monica was on the shelf the entire time you did an awesome job coaching.
John and Kate Kern thanks so much for coaching the indoor game the kids learned much from your guidance.
Mike McCartin and Bill Britt: The JV team did outstanding and really developed along the way under both of your guidance!  Thanks so much for your help.

Reality of watching games the past two weekends for the Varsity groups:
1) We are totally out of shape and cannot run too well on a 30 yard field.  This was verified today when we ran a mile and only one player (Kaitlin S.) ran a sub 7:15 mile. 

Please be aware that this is the time you must make to qualify for this year's team, there will be no exceptions (other than goalies).  If you fail to qualify at that time you will be asked to leave the try-out upon completion of the run.  This clearly is a dedication and commitment issue which I hope is rectified quickly.

2) Our stick skills are no where near where they were last year.  Some of you need to get on the wall, counting over 50 drops in an indoor game is not Good Counsel Lacrosse.  Those of you running track/basketball should still be putting in 20-30 minutes a day of wall ball.  If lacrosse "is your sport" then you need to put the time in.

3) There is no talking/sliding on defense on either Varsity game...The key to solid defense is communication, footwork, and positioning.  If you want to have the ability to be considered among the best in the country it starts with defense.  OUR MAIN 2009 FOCUS IS DEFENSE.

4) Transition defense/redefending is seriously lacking.  I expect my attackers to constantly redefend and never take plays off and my middies to know the proper angles to catch players from behind and prevent the break.  This has to be corrected.

5) I want everyone to remember how they made the varsity team as an underclassmen.  This is very important for each and everyone of you to think about.

My passion for this game and your success is unwaivering.  Coach Sindall and Coach Ghent would go through a wall for each and everyone of you.  The question is, will we get that in return in 2009?  Our schedule is not easy and we play Severn in about 50 days. 

Please remember this quote as this is very near and dear to my heart: "Reputation is what other perceive you as being, and their opinion may be right or wrong.  Character, however, is what you really are, and nobody knows that but you. But you are what matters most."

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