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Coach Haight's Blog: Taking Our Program to Unprecedented Heights

Posted Monday, April 26, 2010 by Michael Haight

Taking our Program to Unprecedented Heights


This past weekend Good Counsel staked its claim to becoming one of the top teams in the country this past weekend by defeating #2 (West Genny-ESPN rankings) and #4 (Canandaigua Academy-EPSN rankings) or #6 and #7 in laxpower.com.  I truly feel that the team accomplishments come down to a group of motivated young ladies who love each other, care for each other, are willing to go to war with each other at practice every day, and motivated coaches that strive to get the best out of the players.  Though we may not be getting the press other programs get from such an outstanding accomplishment I wanted everyone to know; from the parents, administration, players, and coaches that this is one of the biggest accomplishments for any team from the state of Maryland.  Remember the dominant Mount Hebron program?  Yes, their first lost in many years came at the hands of West Genny 14-6 in 2007 and then traveled to the West Genny Tournament two years later and lost to WG and Brighton in 2009 at the same tournament.  We are on the map!!!  West Genny was an incredible 78-2 in the last 4 years headed into our game and has had #1 ranking in both 2008 and 2007.  In other words this was monumental. 


                Last evening, as is our yearly tradition we took our seniors out for a very nice dinner.  This is a tradition that I hold in such high regard because we were all dressed up out of respect for one another, we all spoke of our ambitions, goals, and the confidence we gained from being together over the past four years.  This year, we were truly high class being able to hold our event at Morton’s thanks to Lynette D’Arco.  For me and the other coaches it is a true blessing for us to see how great of friends this 2010 class is.  We basically had to kick them out of the restaurant last night because they were taking pictures and having such a great time.  We all cried a lot because the bond we create here will never be the same anywhere else.   The memories, respect, confidence, and love we all have for each other will carry these girls through life and lead them to be very successful mothers, businesswomen, doctors, in the peace corps, nurses, coaches, teachers, etc…but they are forever changed and forever strong from our 4 years together…KIA KAHA….


                The accomplishments of our seniors are well documented, but sometimes we don’t realize how we want these things to be instilled in our underclassmen!  We encourage our players to be Xaverian Leaders, Retreat Leaders, Principal’s list, service orientated, Key club members, members of other teams and so much more.  Last night we had three or four kid’s state that they want to go into the Peace Corps upon graduation from college.  I truly commend them for their commitment to service; this is one of the life-long goals that a Good Counsel education tries to instill in all of our students.  In addition, the way our girls speak, the confidence in their voices, the pride they have in their school and friends is just indescribable for me to write about, but knowing these kids for so many years and seeing them grow up has just been incredible. 


                Moving forward the future looks extremely bright with many up and coming athletes on the JV or fighting for playing time on the Varsity.  I would like to take a moment to touch on several personal philosophies that many of you may or may not know:

·         I always enjoy doing what’s best for the kids and having their best interests at heart and not having personal ambitions.  The kid’s accomplishments are what fuel me to coach.

·         I’m planning to personally meet with every player in the program at the end of the season, discuss their play, discuss their place in the program, and provide feedback as to what they need to improve.

·         Teamwork is far more critical then the play of one individual to another.  I am not a coach looking for the person that scored the goal; I’m a coach that looks at Assists, Ground balls, Caused Turnovers, and Draw Controls first and foremost.  I feel anybody can score if they are put in the position to score.  A prime example of this on the 2010 varsity team:

o   We have 9 players with over 15 goals each this season.

o   We have 9 players with over 10 assists each player.

o   It is very hard for a team to stop 7 players scoring as opposed to 2 or 3.

·         I want players that love the game and want to learn more about the game each and every day.

·         Want players that are interested in being considered among the nation’s elite.

·         Players that want to experience something special in their lives and will do anything to make it happen.

·         Have an outstanding work ethic.

·         Can handle criticism.

·         Are competitors at the start, middle, and end of practice, games, or competitions.

·         Have respect for themselves and their teammates.


I’m so excited of the talent on the JV team and to see how hard they will work to obtain positions on the varsity team next year.  We are graduating 13 players and need players to step up and carry on the traditions set here at Good Counsel.  Our goals and expectations are the same each and every year:


1) Cheer on my teammates at all times

2) Run the mile under 7:15

3) Practice stick skills everyday

4) Continually move at practice

5) Run through every pass

6) Run through every ground ball

7) Everyone shakes everyone’s hand daily

8) Understand ‘optional’ is just a word

9) Warm-Up before the coach arrives

10) Be Relentless on the Redefend




2) Play Lax in College

3) Attend every work-out

4) COMPETE everyday

5) Continually develop as a player

6) Play with Pride and Passion

7) Win every GAME, GB, and Draw

8) 80% offensive rule

9) 3 or fewer second chance opportunities



I hope everyone is truly having a blessed year and I want us all to finish the season on a high note.  Now is the time to have fun and go out and play!

Go Falcons!  KIA KAHA!

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